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Proudly Canadian
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Scripture Signs

The production and sale of Scripture Signs is halted and for now we will only sell the photos we already have printed. When our Board of Directors has decided what direction we will take with this ministry, we will make it known.

Meantime, you may still freely download and print these pictures for yourself. Or, you may inquire about ordering some and find out which pictures are still available.

Click on individual poster to see the full 800 x 600 PDF version; right-click to download, and print and frame if you wish.

You are welcome to order these from our offices for for a minimum donation/cost of $5.00/each (includes postage and handling). These are great as gifts, and - or, to resell if you have a gift shop or some place where you think they would do well. If you have a good eye for framing they look especially handsome! Please specify whether you would like your picture(s) laminated or not.

01-Double Rainbow
01-Double Rainbow
02-Single Rainbow on Road
02-Single Rainbow on Road
03 - Fall Lake View
03-Fall Lake View
04 -Flower Wagon
04-Flower Wagon
05-Flower Lilies
05-Flower Lilies
06-Sunset Bay
06-Sunset Bay
07-Winter Prairie Sunset
07-Winter Prairie Sunset
08-Deep Woods
08-Deep Woods
09-Reflecting Lake
09-Reflecting Lake
10-Saskatoon Bridge
10-Saskatoon Bridge
12-Duck Pond
12-Duck Pond
13-Red Lighthouse
13-Red Lighthouse
Saskatoon Bridge in Winter
16-Saskatoon Bridge
Cardinal at feeder
17-Cardinal at Feeder
Forals - lilacs
18 Lilacs

a fence through the meadow
04-landscape fence & meadow
Cattails in the snow 05-landscape-cattails in snow
snow covered everygreen trees
06-landscape-snow covered trees

field of fax in Saskatchewan
07-landscape-field blue flax
blue snow and trees
08-landscape- blue snow/trees
a harvest field near Hague
09-landscape- harvest field

vivid red sunset on prairies
06-skies-red prairie sunset
quiet lake in northern Saskatchewan
03-waters-quiet lake scene
a lovely lake in fall
04-waters-fall at lake

Remember, you may download the pictures and print them on your own printer. Feel free to distribute them liberally. We want God's Word to get out where people can see and read it. Note however, that colour differences may show from one computer or printer to another.

Download the Posters to use as Computer Screen Backgrounds

You will find more pictures on these category pages;
Faithfulness Calendar series
Lakes-Rivers- Water
Skies (rainbows, etc.)

How to Download

The Scripture Signs are in PDF format. You will need a program, such as Acrobat Reader to view and print them. You may wish to see a larger view first. In that case, just click on the thumbnail and it will open in your PDF viewer (which is built into some browsers).

To download the picture of your choice, click on it with the right-side button on your mouse depressed. This will present you with a window asking if you wish to open the file or save it to your computer. Choose the Save option. Note where you save it to on your computer. (Perhaps you have it set so all downloads end up on your desktop).

Once the download is complete, go to the file on your computer, and open it, then go through your usual steps for printing.

Note: The best pictures have the most megapixels and highest resolution, but this also means the downloads of those posters will take longer. But it should be worth it.

Framing Your Scripture Signs

If you would like to see what you might get if you buy or make a frame for your Scripture Signs click on our Framing page

A bit of History

In 1967, a group of concerned Christians banded together to form a little mission called Sign Evangelism Fellowship. A Christian sign painter offered his services, and they began to put up large 4 ft x 8 ft billboards along roads and highways, with a Bible verse on it. The group met together monthly to pray for these signs, and to fellowship. In the summers they had picnics together. When invited they would visit a church to show slides of their signs, and present music with their singing group, Signs of the Times.

In the spring of 1998, feeling they were getting too old to keep it up, this little band turned their ministry over to Western Tract Mission. We tried to continue, but in the last few years have found it very difficult. The Highways Dept. of Saskatchewan no longer allows such billboards on the highway properties.

However, we have decided to go modern and use current media methods to accomplish the same goal. Computers have become common place. Many people freely download lovely pictures to their computers from the internet. They use them as wallpapers on their computer, or can print them out and hang them on their walls.

This way the Word of God can go forth into many homes at minimal cost to us, and in a very attractive way. We encourage people - around the world - to download and print our new Scripture Signs posters.

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